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Thai Spinach - Pak Bung Fai Daeng

Written By Neerakar on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 | 5:05 AM

Thai Spinach 

I have always been fascinated with cuisines from different parts of the world. The idea of mixing different ingredients and coming up with such a simple but yet delicious dish, is something that’s takes a strong sense of taste and definitely a very strong knowledge of what ingredients go together. As my title reads “Cooking is an art”, Suvesh Bhattarai made this dish to perfection. 

1) Fresh Thai Spinach
2) Chopped Garlic
3) Chopped Ginger
4) 1 Sliced Red Jalapeno
5) 1 tbs of Oyster Sauce
6) 2 tbs of Soy Sauce
7) 2 tbs of Fish Sauce
8) 2 tbs of Soy Bean Paste
9) Ground White Pepper

In a wok heat some oil. Saute the chopped ginger, garlic and jalapeno. As the the ingredients start turning brown add the Thai spinach. Slowly add oyster, soy, and fish sauce. Cover the wok and cook for 4-6 mins and add Soy Bean Paste and ground white pepper . Cook for another 2-3 mins and serve.

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