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Thai Panang Chicken Curry

Written By Neerakar on Saturday, December 11, 2010 | 11:34 AM

Today I am showing you guys how to make a simple and yet delicious dish. Thai is one of my favorite cuisine and this dish is one of everyone's favorites - Panang Curry.

1) Finely Chopped Garlic – 3 cloves
2) 2 thai chilly julienne
3) Roughly chopped Basil – Ideally use thai basil
4) Mae Ploy Panang Curry Paste- Can be bought in thai market or Amazon
5) 1 can of coconut milk
6) 2-3 tbs of Fish Sauce
7)2 tbs of Sugar
8) Salt & Pepper for taste
9) 2 lbs of diced boneless chicken thighs 
10) Stir Fry Mixed Vegetable - Red Pepper, Pea Pod, Water Crest
11) 2 oz of Heavy Cream 


In a wok, heat some olive oil and sautee the garlic and Thai Chillies. Once the pan is hot make sure you take the pan off the heat and sautee the garlic other wise its going to get burnt.

Then add your chicken. Its important to use boneless chicken thighs because chicken breast becomes dry and wouldn't pair properly with the dish. After you have added your chicken, add the fish sauce, sugar and half of the basil. The other half we will keep it of later. The reason behind this is, we want to incorporate the taste of the basil in the chicken. Cook the chicken for about 5 mins and then add Salt & Pepper for taste.

After you have cooked the chicken for another 5-8  mins add the Panang Curry Paste. Make sure you properly mix and stir the paste because you don't want to serve the curry with a block of paste. To make sure it mixes properly, put the paste in the middle of the wok and slowly start spreading it around.

Once the Chicken is cooked in the curry paste add your mix vegetables and cook it for another 3 mins.

Once you have cooked you vegetables, add a can of coconut mile and 2 oz of heavy cream and stir. Bring it to a shimmer and turn off your heat. Add the rest of the basil. Let the curry rest for about 10 mins before serving.
Bon Appetit 
Serve your curry with some rice.
As you can see it is a very simple yet delicious dish to make. It doesn't require too much of preparation and the ingredients are widely available. If you don't have a Thai or a Korean market near where you live, you can order the ingredients from Amazon.


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  1. Hey Nick, great thai panang chicken curry. I created a similar one with sweet potato, broccoli and butternut. Check it out - http://www.primalsixpack.com/thai-panang-chicken-curry/