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Bú Kebá - Organic Village Restaurant, Kathmandu - Nepal

Written By Neerakar on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | 2:53 PM

                                                         Bú Kebá

Once in a while a revolutionary comes along and every one thinks that he or she is absolutely crazy. History has always told us that no matter how crazy these people were, they managed to leave a mark in the pages of man kind. Take for example Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein; they revolutionized modern day science yet people thought that they were absolutely out of their mind. Similar story is of this rising culinary star, Sandeep Khatri, head chef of Bú Kebá organic village cafe in Sanepa, Kathmandu.

They say that great minds create unimaginable things and when it comes to food Mr. Khatri has created one of the best Nepali Fusion dishes. Needless to say, I was also very skeptic when I first went to this amazing establishment. However, as soon as I entered the restaurant it just started drawing me into its fantastic ambiance and ever so mesmerizing smell. Bú Kebá offers a quite and simple yet elegant venue for all youngsters and families alike.
As I was sat down on M3, a beautiful sitting arrangement where you get to dine sitting down, I was thinking, “So the ambiance is great, but is the food really going to deliver.” This question was immediately answered when I ordered a drink called “Panchamrit”, which was a savory blend of magical ingredients that just cleansed my palate. Another dish on the menu that soon caught my eye was Corn Sadhkeo (Corn lightly dipped in batter and fried, then marinated in savory spices). I have heard of Badam Sadekho (Peanuts) and Bhatmas Sadeko (Soy Beans), but never have I seen or heard of this creative appetizer. When I tasted it, the corn just melted in my palate and I was again blown away by the creativity and innovation of this genius.

For entree I ordered a very primitive dish to our culture, “Fafar ko Pancake” (Buckwheat Pancake). I have never really been much of a big fan of Buckwheat but this dish completely blew me away. Mr. Khatri completely changed the prospective of Buckwheat and fused Paneer (Goat Cheese) in the batter along with a creamy spinach sauce which was just a glory on a plate.

I was also suggested to try a special bread that is prepared fresh at the restaurant. When I was growing I was always told to keep a distance from Sishnu (Nettle Leaves). It is scrubby and when you touch it with bare hands, you better be prepared for some serious consequences. Not lot of people probably know this but Nettles Leave has flavor similar to spinach when cooked and is rich in vitamins iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium. Considering the quality and benefits of this rarely used ingredient, Mr. Khatri infused it in his bread. At first I was thinking, “Is this going to hurt my palate, because I have touched it once and I regretted it for a long time”. I was amazed. Never have I seen such a fusion of two different ingredients of two different classes. Simply Amazing!!

I am not a not a sweet tooth kind of guy. I like food that comes in sizes and saltiness describes my palate. But when I tried the two desserts at the restaurant, it completely turned my views towards desserts. “Intercaste Marriage”, a simple blend of yogurt and orange, a marriage between Lactose and Fructose family, was remarkable. The “Lychee Cake” which was fluffy and light, you can taste the chunks of lychee, made me think, “where has this been all my life”. It was a fantastic end to an unprecedented dinner that I had at this establishment.

Within few minutes I requested an audience with Mr. Khatri himself. Mr. Khatri exemplified what a great chef he really is when he started deconstructing his food and explained to me how he got the ideas for the dishes he created. The mixer of different families of food, the technique of execution, and his background as a chef in different cuisines in Hong Kong made me realize that he was THE modern day contemporary chef of Nepal. I have had food in one of the best restaurants in DC, New York and whole America, but I am proud to say that finally a Chef has risen himself to a standard well beyond anyone I have seen in Nepal. I wish Mr. Khatri all the luck I can give and a personal suggestion to put out his own cook book showing to the world what Contemporary Nepali Cuisine is all about. 

From my experience, this restaurant receives 5 out of 5 stars for food and ambiance.
Below are some of the pictures of the food I ate at Bú Kebá.
Buckwheat Pancake - Fafar ko Pancake 
Corn Sadheko
Inter caste Marriage
Lychee Cake, Corn Sadeko & Inter Caste Marriage 
Lychee Cake 


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  1. thank you for the wonderful review :)

  2. Your most welcome... Very deserving

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  4. Very interesting. I would definitely make a trip to this place when I goto Nepal!