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In search of magic on a plate - Nepal

Written By Neerakar on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 | 4:04 PM

What is a cuisine? Is it something that you eat everyday or something that you randomly run into and realize that it is the sole most beautiful thing you have ever seen? It is really hard to explain what a cuisine is. You may call an elaborated small piece of wonder in a plate a cuisine or you might say a raw fish on plate with a mere dipping of soy sauce is a cuisine. While two can keep on arguing what cuisine really is, we all can agree to one thing, and that is when we eat something and it bursts out in our palate like sweet symphony, we all call that magic of food.

Cooking is an art and we all should probably know that. It is an art that has been passed down to us from generations and generations. It has evolved in many years and a lot of people have put their heart and soul in creating what we now call cuisine. It was never easy to create a dish and it will be never because creating a dish requires knowledge of what ingredients really infuses with another. Needless to say what our ancestors have done is create a miracle on a plate. Keeping that in mind, I really wanted to explore the world of Nepalese Cuisine at its best.

Sometimes when a nation is surrounded by two gigantic masses of land rich in culture and food, it is very easy to forget that a small being even exists, let alone to actually see it as a place where food in its primitive form can be sublime. That is the sad story of Nepal. Surrounded by India and China, who mind you have been two giants of the culinary of world, it has always been really hard for Nepal to shine in the world of food. It even breaks my heart that whenever we take a trip down to a Nepali Restaurant, all we get served is a toned down version of Indian Cuisine. That is not what Nepali food is all about. Sure, surrounded by two culturally diverse nations we are heavily influenced by the spices and methods of cooking from both the Nations, but Nepali food is something that shows respect and a lot of restrain. We combine all the charismatic yet simple ingredients and create a wonder in a plate. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of creativity to make food taste like a Nepali Food. Needless to say, my trip to Nepal after eight years showed me how magical and delicious food in Nepal really is.

It is extremely hard for me to sum up my entire three weeks of magical journey through the streets of Kathmandu, shoving down any good food I can find, in a couple of paragraphs. However, all those who have taken a trip to Nepal will understand when I say that although our cuisines are simple, we value the taste and the culture behind it. Here are some of the delicious cuisines I ate in Nepal. - Neerakar Uprety

Morning Tea with a serving of Pakoda (vegetable dipped in batter and fried)
Fresh caught fish Curry ( High View Resort - Dulhikehl)
Ann array of food in traditional Nepali Thali - From top right - Cauliflower Tarkari, Tomato Aachar, Grilled Chicken Kabob Rice, Papad, Mustard Greens, and lentils - High View Resort
Fapar ( Buckwheat) Chatamari (Pancake)  with poached egg and meat stuffing, Chicken Sadheko ( Boneless chicken boiled and grilled and then marinated with lime, cilantro, scallions and spices) - High View Resort
I loved this Chatamari so much I had to make a Happy Face :)
Okra dipped in batter and fried. I didn't even know you could make pakodas out of Okra - High View Resort
Deep Fried Sesame Chicken - High View Resort
Simple yet delicious fried potatoes - High View Resort 
Cheese Pakoda - High View Resort 
Grilling Sekuwa (Boneless Chicken and Goat marinated in spices by yours truly)
Sekuwa served in a traditional Nepali style. With pickled ginger, cucumber, tomato aachar and peanuts sadheko
We were shoving our mouth with it :) 
Simple vegetarian Home made lunch with Black lentils
Home made tama aloo bodi (Pickled bamboo, potatoes and black eyed peas)
Chicken Chilly - Amazing 
Array of home cooked wonder - Rice, lentils, Goat Curry, Cauliflower Tarkari, Thai Spinach, Deep Fried Chicken, Mango Chutney, and tomato aachar
Steamed Momo (Tibetan style dumpling with hot chili and mild tomato sauce)
Momo Sampler at Royal Sino Durbarmarg - (Steamed, Lightly Fried, Deep Fried and Chili Momo)
Delicious goat leg soup at Bajeko Sekuwa - Old Baneshwor 
Goat Sekuwa - Bajeko Sekuwa 
One of the best Chicken Tandoori i had in a while - Bajeko Sekuwa

Chicken Masala Curry - Amazing ! - Bajeko Sekuwa 
Home cooked meal with Curd based soup, mustard green and cauliflower potato tarkari 
Traditional Nepali Thali - Mustard Green, Goat Curry, Lentils, paneer fry and cucumber aachar)
Homemade Chicken Masala Fry 
The best mushroom ravioli in tomato basil sauce - La Dolche Vita, Thamel 
Again, one of the best margarita pizza i had - La Dolche Vita, Thamel
Home made chicken manchurian 
Another traditional nepali thali - Rice, Cauli- Potate Tarkari, Goat Curry, Cucumber aachar, Tofu aachar, and kidney beans)
all the pictures here are copyright of www.nickspalate.com 


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  1. I love nepali food :). I cook from a book called Taste of Nepal. My favourite is the dhall's. They are just out of the worls

  2. WE so often forget about the cuisine from neighboring countries in the search for food from faraway lands!.. Took the liberty of sharing this on my Facebook food page 'panfusine.

  3. omg im hungry now :) yummmmmm

  4. I am glad that you are taking an effort to bring the taste of Nepal to outer-world. I happened to read an article in CNN, and was eager to visit your blog. I have no reservation in complementing you for paragraphing the Nepali cuisine in such good way. KUDOS!!

  5. Next time you are in Nepal.. do check out www.facebook.com/cook.like.a.local - a cooking course meant to offer the only real thing a traveller can take back from Nepal - cooking skills in Nepali cooking!

  6. Ayyayyay! I am dying..........I am sooooo close to licking the screen :P

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