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Sushi - Spicy Tuna Roll and Avacado Roll

Written By Neerakar on Sunday, August 21, 2011 | 12:08 PM

Sushi is an old Japanese delicacy that has become really popular with people of all generations. People generally have a love and a hate relationship with sushi. The taste and the fact that it is actually raw fish, startles lot of people. However, people who love sushi will definitely tell you that it is indeed a small pack of joy. Making sushi is not easy although the ingredients are simple and easy available. The texture of the rice, the way you roll the sushi, and even the  quality of the ingredients determine if you will be able to create a perfect roll.

Ingredients: Spicy Tuna Roll & Avocado Roll
1) Sushi Rice - 1 1/2 Cup of Water for each cup of rite
2) Bamboo Mat covered with either Zip Log bag or a sandwich wrap
3) Rice Wine Vinegar
4) Sashimi grade tuna
5) Fish Roe
6) Roasted Sesame seeds
7) Cucumber - Thinly Sliced
8) Cream Cheese - For Avocado Roll
9) Soy Sauce, Pickled Ginger & Wasabi (Condiments)
10) Siracha & Mayonnaise - Spicy Tuna Roll
11) Sea Weed Paper

Cut the cucumber into thin strips and avocado into medium thick strips. Cut the tuna against the grain and marinade it in mayonnaise and siracha sauce. Let it sit for atleast 5-8 minutes.

In a bowl take rice wine vinegar, Oil and Sugar and stir to make a vinaigrette. Depending upon how much rice you make, you have to adjust the amount of vinaigrette you prepare. After the rice is cooked, marinade the rice for about 3-5 in the vinaigrette.
Make sure your work station is properly setup and you have everything handy. This includes all your ingredients and a bowl of water. You have to constantly dip you hands into the bowl of water to prevent the rice sticking.
Place the bamboo mat flat and put a sea weed paper. If the paper is too long, fold and cut the edges. I had to take off atleast half an inch from each side.
Take a handful of rice and put it in the center and slowly start spreading it around. Remember there is no easy way of doing it. Just make sure you dip your hands in the water constantly.
Sprinkle some Fish roe and roasted sesame seeds. Place your ingredients about an inch away from the edge of the paper on your side. This picture above is of spicy tuna roll. Spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber.
Grap the top two edges of the bamboo mat and roll half way. The picture above shows how it should look when you have folded it half way.  Continue folding it once more. Remember you only have to roll it twice. If you have to roll it more than twice, you did something wrong. On tips of how to roll sushi, you can check out various tips available on youtube.
Avocado and Spicy Tuna Roll.
Take a sharp knife and remember to dip it in water constantly as you are cutting it. This prevents the knife from sticking to the sushi.

The end Result. Perfect home made sushi :) More pictures below.

Bon Apetite or i should say itadakimasu


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