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Nicks Palate Cooking Contest

Written By Neerakar on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 | 6:16 AM

It just feels like yesterday when I started my blog and now years later I am still going at it strong. Nicks Palate has now reached 100000 views with over 3000 subscribers. Sincere thank you to all for following my blog and as an appreciation I would like to announce a contest. Any one within the continental United States and Canada can participate by sending a step by step recipe of your favorite food made by you with pictures (please follow the same pattern as I post my recipes). Winner will be chosen by me and announced @nickpalate.com on May 15th together with their recipe. The winner will also receive a Victorinox Chef Knife (Rated one of the best by America's Test Kitchen) from Nickspalate. Please email me your recipe and pictures (high resolution) at neerakar.uprety@nickspalate.com. Once again thank you everyone for your support and I will continue my best to post exciting recipes. 

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